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Do you live, breathe, and dare we say, dream of improving the world by writing code?
Are you a trailblazing codesmith who seeks to power narratives of passion and triumph?
Do you feel most alive when finding innovative solutions to technical challenges?

If you answered YES to these questions, consider becoming DIEMlife’s next Front End Software Engineer.

What is DIEMlife?

DIEMlife is a space for go-getters and goal-setters looking to improve their lives one Quest® at a time. We help people create, share and discover life goals, connect them to a community and fire them up to accomplish great things. We work with extraordinary companies with compelling missions - helping them increase individual and organizational success.

Our team is made up of inspiring individuals with incredible ambitions. Curious? Keep reading for more info.
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Digital Designer

Get hands-on experience in digital production, video animation, and content creation.

Regularly present what you help produce to our online audience and network with our partners throughout the wellness and creative industries.


Front End Software Engineer

No agencies or staffing companies please, only NYC located individuals who can meet in person are being considered for this role

By building the future of community achievement, you’ll help solve problems that are fundamental to the business and how it grows.

From the backend of the frontend (e.


Writer and Content Strategist

Posted 5 months ago

Do you feel most alive when exploring wellness while you travel?
Do you think good storytelling is good communication, and good communication is good business?