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Making online buying diamond easy, fast and secure

Making online buying diamond easy, fast and secure

Our product is loose diamond.
We have diamonds from majority of the worlds leading manufacturers and uploaded on our platform.
With more than 5000+ companies it is difficult to communicate with each and co-ordinate with them due to different time zones, as 90% of diamonds are manufactured in India and traded from India, HongKong, Isreal and US markets.
We bring majority of the very best diamonds on our website with images,videos & Certificates so the retailer knows what they are buying.
Our target market are jewelry retailer and online diamond selling website who can use our website to check the inventory and place order with their one point of contact, who will take care from orders, quality check and door-to-door shipping with insurance.

Harshil Shah

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Rishabh Motiwala

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Founded Diamonds On Call with the diamond to make diamond most easy and accessible product online.

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