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Sepsis monitoring alarm system

Sepsis monitoring alarm system

Sepsis is defined as the most severe spectrum of an infection and its concept relies on the exacerbated inflammatory response by the immune system, generating the organs to stop working properly, causing death. It is one of the most common fatal diseases. Worldwide, it is estimated that between 20 and 30 million patients are affected by this disease; Every day around 24,000 patients die from sepsis worldwide. We found out that symptoms of sepsis are very similar to those of many other illnesses, making it very difficult to diagnose, that's why we are developing a digital health device that helps generate alerts to detect infections early, preventing them from becoming sepsis. Our device integrates clinical and molecular information right next to the patient, this allows nurses to track them and to have an immediate result for a better follow up. Having an accurate follow up would help hospitals in time, costs and medical staff reduction.

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