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A custom style quiz will help find the right clothes that fit. Big and tall, style and all

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Dia&Co is the only retail service dedicated to meeting the plus size community’s full range of style needs. We’re applying the best of data and technology to serve women who have been ignored for far too long—from developing the shopping experiences she’s always wanted, to building community platforms that inspire her, to ensuring she sees herself represented in the world around her.

Our Approach—Representative Retail:
Dia&Co is a company built around a customer, not a business model. Our community leads the way, and we meet their unique needs by creating products and experiences across three comprehensive areas of service:

Curated access to the best-fitting Style and Active apparel (led by Dia&Co’s beloved owned brands), fully equipping her to express herself through style. Customized shopping experiences to remove the stress around fit, for a joyful and fabulous experience.

Platforms to foster deep connections between members both offline and online, offering a place for her to be celebrated and to celebrate others through style.

Campaigns to create lasting change by combating stereotypes and biases. Advocacy to increase representation of our community outside the Dia ecosystem, so she can see herself reflected in style.