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#DhanuIT #DBAaaS #DEVaaS #ARCaaS #Xplorer

#DhanuIT #DBAaaS #DEVaaS #ARCaaS #Xplorer

Dhanu IT Services is the brainchild of Devendra Shirbad.

For more than 3 years, Dhanu IT Services was a one man show and ran by Devendra. In these 3 years Dhanu IT Services has completed many onshore, remote and offshore consulting projects across the continents.

Unlike many other consulting companies, Dhanu IT Services is not platform or technology dependent. We find the term technology agnostic to be synonym with our capabilities and services. We prefer the term "Data Management Consultants"​ rather than Oracle, SQL or Big Data Consultants. At the same time, we are domain independent.

*Social Network*
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dhanu-it-services
Twitter: twitter.com/DhanuIT
Facebook: facebook.com/DhanuIT
Google+: plus.google.com/u/0/+Dhanuit
AngelList: angel.co/dhanu-it-services

*IM / Email / Website*
Skype: Devendra_Shirbad
Email: info@dhanuit.com
Website: dhanuit.com

#DhanuIT #DBAaaS #DEVaaS #ARCaaS #Xplorer

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