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Andy Morgan

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Cynthia Billops

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16+ yrs designing, implementing and assessing efficient, effective, sustainable systems including business communication, team collaboration and program dev.

Nicole Setter

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Special skill set for ideating, creating a plan, executing and reviewing success and room for improvement fo projects. Passion for culture building.

Alexander Okafor

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Entrepreneur | Project Development Lead| Marketing and Growth Strategist

Jean Nicole Morelos

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Motivated leader, specializing in Full-cycle Project/Product Management, Data Analysis, Budget proposals & management, Event Planning, and People Development.

Sarah Souza

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Building Community at /dev/color. Previous: Marketing coordinator @ EventSorbet. Stylist, @StitchFix. Marketing Manager @ House of Granite.

Lajuanda M. Asemota

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Executive Director @ /dev/color. Multitalented program innovator. Worked @ Singularity University. Studied @ Berkeley. 40 Under 40 Tech Diversity Silicon Valley

Atira Richards

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Product Manager @/dev/color. Worked on Spam at @Pinterest. SymSys at @Stanford University. Background in project management, user experience, and data analysis.

Board members and advisors

founded @YesGraph ( @Y Combinator W15) sold to @Lyft. Seed investor in @Cruise, sold to @General Motors for >$1B. Early growth at @Dropbox.
Driven by a passion for Leadership and Technology. Bridging the gap between engineers and business folks. All grounded on top of a background in Physics.

Grant Oladipo

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Building things @Medium
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Damien Peters

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Galeela Michael

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Josefina Aguayo

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Randy Brown

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Silvana Bacigalupo

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Ariel Belgrave

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