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Software Entrepreneur. Strong software development background. Computer Science Engineer. Computer Vision & GPGPU researcher in past life.

Tarun Jain

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Software Entrepreneur. Strong Product Management background. Computer Science Engineer. Computer Vision & Image/Video processing researcher in past life.


Shanmuk Sastry

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Worked at Devathon, Referworthy. Experienced with Bootstrap, Ecommerce, HTTPS. Went to Bits Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Bhashyam Public School

Vishal Varma

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Product Management Practitioner.

Vijay H

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Digital Marketing Manager at Devathon

Mohammed Furqan

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Software Developer | Computer Science Graduate | Technology Enthusiast More information at https://www.mdfurqan.in

Sachin Jain

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Software Developer | Experience in developing RESTful APIs & Designs | Skilled in Ruby on Rails, ES6, React.js, Redux | Technology Enthusiast

Pranavi Bollam

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Web developer with 3 years expierence especially on ROR

Former team

Bipin VK

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Sourav Mondal

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Nishanth Mane

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Naveen Valluri

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Kranthi Kumar Reddy

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Jnaneshwar Vuyyala

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