DVP backs seed and early stage startup teams with the grit, creativity, and passion to tackle and mold opportunity. We look for founders who are creative, disciplined, and trustworthy. We are passionate entrepreneurs who know how to build successful companies from the ground up. To us, building a business is an act of creative expression. It's an opportunity to make a difference and change the world. If not, why bother? We are a new kind of VC; we are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs build and grow meaningful companies. We offer unrivaled mentorship and the portfolio services of a super-charged accelerator program. Simply put, we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to help our entrepreneurs.

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Brandon Epstein

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Associate at Detroit Venture Partners. Focused on investing, advising, mentoring, and working with forward-thinking people.

Gabe Karp

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Partner at Detroit Venture Partners

Jared Stasik

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Investor in @Are You a Human.