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Novel Technology for Intelligent Asset Monitoring in Industries

Novel Technology for Intelligent Asset Monitoring in Industries

Our flagship product, GUMPS(Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring of Pipe Systems), is a novel sensor, built completely indigenously by us using patented technology. It is the first continuous real-time pipe monitoring system in the world that can work even at temperature extremes. The sensor uses guided ultrasonic signals which is a relatively new area in the field of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and is built completely indigenously in IIT Madras. To sum it up, GUMPS would act as an artificial nervous system continuously monitoring a huge network of pipelines and alerting the plant for any impending leaks. We have already created beta versions of the sensor and had successful field installations at the world's largest oil and gas refinery, Reliance Jamnagar Plant. Reliance Industries, seeing the potential of the product, has expressed their intent to purchase 200 GUMPS sensors after it meets industry standards and certifications.

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