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Lizzie Choi

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Johnny Lin

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VP, New Markets, Desmos

Eric Berger

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CTO at Desmos

Allison Hamburger

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Software Engineer at Desmos

Denis Lantsman

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Senior Software Engineer at Desmos

Anne Young

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Tri-lingual. Will usually take on 10+ jobs. Graduated from Dartmouth, Oxford, and the University of Toronto. Founded and contributed to 5 successful start-ups.

Kathleen Hammill

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Cori McElwain

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Product Manager at Desmos

Katy Elkin

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Jenny Wales

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Work at @Desmos

Board members and advisors

During the summer or the school year, we help Yale startups grow. Friends with @Panorama Education, @Desmos, @Dextro, @Rally, and many more.  

Former team

Megha Garg

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