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Brazil's Largest Online Classroom

Brazil's Largest Online Classroom

Descomplica is the largest online classroom in Brazil.

Our initial market is Brazilian High School students, and to date we have helped millions of students with general curriculum and test prep for university entrance exams. The comprehensive curriculum consists of 15,000 videos + live video lessons broadcasted multiple times per day and our record class in 2015 reached 250k attending students and our Twitter Hashtag reached the top trending hashtag in all of the world.

Descomplica is expanding rapidly- growing revenues well outpacing the Board of Directors approved plan substantially.

A bit of context on the Brazilian education market:

Brazilian Education Market is massive with approx $75B spent offline and Descomplica is at the forefront of that market moving online. The ENEM (Brazil's #1 university entrance exam that Descomplica is focused on) is taken by 9M Brazilian students/yr, and offers an excellent opportunity to capture Brazilian students early.
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