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A new form of tourism

A new form of tourism

DERBY-DIRECT is a global management multinational firm & a travel technology solutions provider that serves respective clients depending on their need & travel purpose. In fact, the idea is to settle on markets offering specific and unique goods & services, unavailable elsewhere, and making them accessible to everyone. We believe in David Ricardo's comparative advantage theory: each country is specialized in a specific and unique production (good or service). The first country in our offer is Serbia. After studying this case, we noticed that Serbia has to offer 4 types of tourism: Sports, Nightlife, Medical and business. Sports tourism: related to attend football & basketball games in Serbia (amazing and unique atmosphere). Medical tourism: high quality medical, dental and beauty care services from 5 to 10 times cheaper. Nightlife tourism: clubbing industry is very developed with many clubs, bars, restaurants at extremely low prices.

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