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Most accounts don't buy. Target the one's who will

Most accounts don't buy. Target the one's who will

B2B and Tech Marketing and Sales teams need better business intelligence solutions to enable ROI from their efforts. The right business intelligence helps teams invest resources on only those accounts that have a high probability to buy their product. This is how DemandMatrix increases go-to market efficiency, by helping teams rely on the right business and marketing/sales intelligence.

DemandMatrix does this using machine learning and narrow-AI to find, catalog and score 12,473 hardware and software products that 13,716,365 companies in 236 countries are using or considering. B2B tech marketing, sales, and product management teams use these insights to enable better outcomes across the B2B buyer’s journey.

Use cases:
-Competitive landscape mapping and analysis
-Demand forecasting
-Predictive segmentation
-Account-based marketing
-Lead and opportunity scoring
-Competitive campaigns
-Retention campaigns.

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Milind M

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Interdisciplinary thought leader in the field of Marketing Analytics bringing in new offerings to solve technographics and buyers journey problems in B2B space
I like to create and bring products to market that solve my own problems. Founder of DemandMatrix, LookAcross, Knouen and IGCC