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Demand Inc. is built around sales professionals (BDRs) who generate leads and book meetings for our clients.

The copywriting team (this job) supports the BDRs. We help them create effective, natural cold email sequences. Note that we work in sales and lead generation, not marketing. (If you’re a good fit, you will already know these are very different activities)

You will need exceptional writing / communication skills to succeed, but this is not really a ‘writer’ job. Instead, our core tasks are training, providing feedback, strategy / analysis, and creating internal resources. That’s why I like to call this role ‘copy operations’.

Good fit: You’re willing to obsess over specific choice of words / tone in a short email. You can quickly riff on variations and you can articulate the psychology behind subtle changes in phrasing (this is exactly what we do)

If you don’t have much experience in sales or cold outreach, that’s OK. We can train you. The dealbreaker requirements for this role are mostly based on personality and the way you work:

- Obsessive attention to detail (the kind of person that notices missing punctuation or inconsistent formatting in a document, and freaks out about both)
- Exceptional communication skills (do you consider yourself a smooth talker who can naturally relate to anyone?)
- Really organized (like correct punctuation, you consider consistent file management a sacred responsibility)
- Proactive and prompt (you pick up relevant tasks and complete them without being asked, and over-communicate progress and status while you’re working)
- Perfect English (otherwise this role would be very difficult)

In return, this is what you can expect from us:

- Increase your leadership, writing, and project management skills
- Get really good at sales (this expertise is always in demand)
- Work remotely wherever you want
- Reasonable, friendly coworkers who want you to succeed
- Help shape the trajectory of a fast-growing business
- Competitive pay with room to grow

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