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Before all else, DeltaTrainer is a collection of amazingly passionate and talented people - we work hard to ensure that every team member is always fully in the loop and working on something that they truly enjoy and will make a big impact on the journey of the company. We are building the cutting edge of wearable software for lifting, strength training, body building, and athletics. If you are looking to join a team of passionate, slightly crazy and hardworking fitness nerds, then I would strongly encourage you to apply!
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Full-Stack/Frontend Engineer

Posted 10 months ago
  • Frontend Development: Implementing designs/features for both our consumer facing iOS/watchOS app and our internal trainer dashboard app (web/React.js)
  • Customer Discovery: Meeting regularly with our training staff and users to understand which features will have the greatest impact on user/trainer experience

Personal Trainer

Posted 1 month ago
  • Stable: You are a salaried employee with benefits.
  • Not Sales Work: Over are the days of hustling for clients on the gym floor. We source all of your clients for you.