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Mislav Stipetic

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Full stack engineer, and CTO @Magic Sandbox
Looking for start-ups: disrupting the construction and building industries (50% focus), blockchain (20%), cyber security (20%), disruptive technologies (10%)

Ivers Yves Pierre

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David Borja

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Creating Internet products to help people
Investor in @Rapleaf, @aviary-part-of-the-adobe-family, @kikin.
CTO & Co-founder @Ontruck • ex- VP Engineering at @Delivery Hero • Studied at @Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, @RWTH Aachen University

Victor Ching

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Founder of Miso (YC S16). Started online food delivery platform in Korea & launched mobile ad network in 12 international markets.

Gyeongsu Kim

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Co-Founder of Chinchin. Full-stack programmer and Agile software development consultant. Part-time media artist.

Norman Wiese

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Co-Founder & CEO @Tapglue • Enabling apps to become social networks • Worked at @Delivery Hero, @Onefootball, @Team Europe

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Arthur Maas

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Steffen Harting

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Vasco Fernandes

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Stephan-Nicolas Kirschner

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Dave Bailey

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Stefanie Schramm

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