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Deliverr not only invests in their team's personal/professional growth (mentoring, online courses, conferences/events), the founders actively listen to concerns, scheduling regular 1:1s despite busy schedules. I've watched the team grow and support each other with great humor and goodwill, and have laughed out loud catching up on our #random channel in Slack. The company itself has great benefits set up, but the biggest benefit is the people I get to work with. Smart, respectable (and respectful), and collaborative -- it's easy to do my best work knowing everyone else is 110% reliable and skilled at their portion. I've also been impressed with their hiring process. Adding someone to the team tends to take a little longer, but everyone the candidate would be working directly with gets a chance to speak with them beforehand - and we don't hire unless everyone gives their green light. Overall, working with Deliverr has been a great opportunity to learn, grow, and do work I can be proud of.
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Rachel Andrea Go
Content and partnerships manager


Morgan Gross

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Brandeis and LSE. Passionate and flexible. Experience in customer service and technical support management. Also capable of writing in complete sentences.

Tierra Davis

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Ben Ryan Schwartz

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Artur Rivilis

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VP of Engineering at Deliverr • Worked at @Flixster, @VMWare • Studied @University of California Berkeley

Celena Chong

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Growing small companies with big dreams. Expert storyteller. Growth Manager @Deliverr. Prev: @LinkedIn, @CNBC @Kellogg School of Management

Katie Aspell

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Worked at Deliverr, Symphony Commerce. Experience with AWS, Hystrix , Jest

Michael Sene

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Director of Sales @Deliverr. Excelled in @Yelp sales, #1 sales manager in the organization, Director that opened 800+ person Chicago office in Chicago.

Rachel Andrea Go

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Content strategist, SEO copywriter, and inbound marketer who has worked remotely with eCommerce and SaaS companies, B2B businesses, and marketing agencies.

Abby Ozeran

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Abby Ozeran

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Lana Whiteford

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Internationally experienced tech recruiter and sourcer, using cutting-edge techniques and tools to find the best talent.

Teddy Cho

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Data Science at @Deliverr

Justin Flores

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BA and MA from UPenn. 11 years management experience in Ops, Eng and Finance, from small teams to 300+, from Google to pre-A startups.

Erica Lippe

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Worked at Private Clientele, Craft Service Catering

Board members and advisors

Shariq Minhas

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@Deliverr, @Carrot Sense , @augment-solutions, Co-Founder @Stayful • Worked at @Expedia, @Hotwire, @Lyft • Comp Sci at @University of Texas at Austin

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Madhur Mehta

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