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User Research Manager

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Maintaining a user-centred company culture is something that everyone at Deliveroo cares deeply about. We’re lucky to be a company where everyone, including the CEO, gets on their bicycle to deliver food as a way to stay in touch with user needs first-hand.

At Deliveroo, research is the foundation of product decision making. User researchers help teams to ensure that our customers, riders and restaurants are well understood, and their needs carefully considered at every stage of the product development process. As a very fast growing company, we’re constantly making changes to the user experience, which means it’s never long until findings from research are put into practice!

Research at Deliveroo sits within the Content, Research and Design (CRD) team. These three disciplines work closely together in the design of our products and services. As a CRD team we spend a lot of time working together, but we also make sure we spend time having fun and getting to know each other outside of work, with regular lunches on our roof garden, team nights out, and offsites.

Your role:

As a research manager, you’ll be responsible for making sure your team are always working on the highest impact research questions, and that they are delivering actionable findings that are integrated into decision making at all levels. You’ll be the voice of the user in strategic business conversations as well as keeping closely involved in day to day product work.

Your responsibilities:

- Mentoring and managing a team of researchers working within your product group
- Spotting opportunities for both strategic and tactical research, and making sure that the team are working on the highest leverage projects at all times
- Ensuring research plays a strategic role in product and service development
- Working closely with product managers and designers to make sure they are getting the knowledge they need from research
- Building empathy for our users across the business
- International travel - we conduct research in all 12 of the markets we operate in

Your experience:

- You have at least 5 years experience working as a user researcher embedded in a product team
- You have proven experience working closely with designers and product managers to impact strategic product direction through research
- You have a strong knowledge of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods
- Ideally, you will have previous experience in managing a team of researchers

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Your favourite restaurants and takeaways, delivered to your door

Deliveroo focuses on Food and Beverages, Marketplaces, Restaurants, Logistics, and Content Delivery. Their company has offices in London. They have a very large team that's between 1001-5000 employees. To date, Deliveroo has raised $1.532B of funding; their latest round was closed on May 2019.

You can view their website at https://deliveroo.co.uk/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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