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Building self drive products for retail businesses using Machine learning

[Marketing] Digital Strategist

₹3L – ₹5L
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Delium Technologies has the vision lead business to self drive their core functions using machine learning. We believe that doing so would enable people to think about, prepare and tackle future business problems; thus improving job quality and environment.

Our product, The Eye reflects this to a level wherein the burden of everyday work is taken out and helps the retailers, the buyers and the manufacturers to understand the real need for running the business with an optimized inventory, auto-generated todo list to the task against. We’ve created the system that can replace the humans from the menial work to more interesting problems that never even appeared earlier.

Considering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the drugs of today’s marketing. We are looking for a person who can strategically position the product in such a way that it reaches the target audience.

Primary responsibilities

Product Excellence Contents/Videos: Collect from the current customer base, build case study engagement content

Social Media Engagement
1. Collect and share information about Artificial Intelligence in retail and business functions affected by machine learning
2. Target and maintain a blogroll
3. Prepare and create mind shares about the vision of the product
4. Mindshare on the problems faced and solutions available

Channel Partner Engagement: Business functions and possibilities of targets, basic market validations.

Customer Engagement
1. Keep the current set of customers inline with the overall goal of the product
2. Collect and engage the current usage patterns and send targeted materials (based on a segment of users)
3. Online sales - leads, customers and prospects and the best way to learn and write new stories.

Segmented Prospect Feeds: The capabilities and focus vary between a broad set of SMB and Enterprise segments.

Company Brand Reputation: Social media shares on what the company is and its happening

Give us a poke if
1. You love telling and writing stories to different audiences in the language that will engage them.
2. Enjoy creating and executing a pseudo personalized ATL/BTL plan on a new idea.
3. Enjoy being a communications anchor and are vocal with your thoughts
4. Enjoy being a maverick at work.5. Have worked with / have knowledge of the array of tools and techniques used for content creation and marketing.

Who are we?
We are a very small group of individuals who strongly believe that machines will enable a better business world and are working towards that in a focused space.

Autonomy is the core of our culture, We settle in making smaller progress and continuous incremental success in line with our philosophy. We manage our everyday work ourselves, nobody plans the work for others and also make sure the entire task at hand is making a good progress.

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Simon Roy

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Founder & CEO, @Delium Technologies, Currently bell-ing the inventory cat using AI for supermarkets. In love with #Data, #polyglot

Arvind Kumar Chinniah

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Cofounded AI and ML retail startup which focuses on ever lasting and never solved problem of inventory. Software engineer and UX by experience.