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Building self drive products for retail businesses using Machine learning

Building self drive products for retail businesses using Machine learning

Delium's vision is to enable retail supermarket businesses of all sizes self-drive their core functions using machine learning. Building this self-drive from the bottom up, The Eye's first persona is that of a replenishment officer that can take over the replenishment department thus optimizing inventory for profitability and availability (leading to increased revenues and improved customer experience). The Eye is outcome-driven (you know upfront where the system intends to take your business) just like any other team member of your team and does not stop with only planning but also executes, self-retrospects, and best of all asks for help when and where required! Interfacing with The Eye is no different from talking to another person, she is that data taming think tank every supermarket business needs to make data-driven decisions and reinforce strategy choices.

The Eye's second persona is self-driven marketing at supermarkets, currently in beta. She tames the combinatorial nightmare of customer choices and extracts with objectives the 'What, Who and When' targets of customer basket experience with a core notion of executability and creating sustained growth. She then reviews the plan with your marketing in charge and is not only capable of putting the plan into action (she works well with the replenishment persona) but also retrospects the validity of her math and course-corrects just in time and ahead of time.

As engineers, we are on a mission to build common sense and responsibilities into whatever we build. We are finicky about user experience and do not believe in menus and reports.

Outcomes we've seen at our clients include,
* At least 20% reduction in inventory
* Sales goes up by 10%, reduced OOS conditions
* Reduction of the workforce by ~60% in the reordering department.

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Simon Roy

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Founder & CEO, @Delium Technologies, Currently bell-ing the inventory cat using AI for supermarkets. In love with #Data, #polyglot

Arvind Kumar Chinniah

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Cofounded AI and ML retail startup which focuses on ever lasting and never solved problem of inventory. Software engineer and UX by experience.