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Front End JS Dev role - React & Redux

Degree Analytics has an unrivaled analytics tool that allows Universities to proactively reach out to students based on how those students are actually experiencing college.

If you are looking for a challenging job as well as a very rewarding one, this position may be for you.

We are looking for a All Start Front-End Engineer to continue building out our web capabilities as well as create front-end integrations with out growing partnership base.

To be considered for this role, you should have at minimum 2 years of real experience with these tools (weekend hack projects, although fun, really isn't what we are talking about).

In particular - you MUST have worked in a team environment before under Sr. Engineers. We want you to have a strong opinion of what code should look like, and we want you to cringe at the site of disorganization.

Job comes with full Health, Dental, and Vision insurance. We also have a stocked fridge and snack drawers

What we will be looking for:
- previous JS work (React - Redux is a Must)
- proven drive and determination aka what outside the lines obstacle have you overcome and succeeded aka why are you a badass?
- team player
- your GitHub/other sources of your work
- what makes you unique/special/different - we are solving tough problems, not just tough tech problems, so why will you be able to overcome? And why will you be a unique set of ideas and values to our team?

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Aaron Benz

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Founder @Degree Analytics • Worked at @Accenture • Studied at @Eastern University - @Cassandra Nerd

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