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Realtime Multiplayer Cricket gaming

Realtime Multiplayer Cricket gaming

Deftouch Design is a game development company that currently focuses on winning the Cricket gaming market, by providing a billion cricket-mad followers with a platform to engage & interact with their daydreams with a social, Realtime multiplayer game.

With Realtime Multiplayer set in the framework of location- based tournaments, a Mumbai kid along with his friends/family can take on a team from Delhi, Karachi, or Melbourne.

Created with the vision of created a community rivalling footbal's FIFA series, "Cricket Star" will take you through an immersive cricket journey. As the owner of your team, you will build your team from ground up. In a match it will put you in the captain's shoes as you hold the reins to your team's fate. Ultimately though, ofcourse, it will be about whacking the ball out of the park more often than your opponent.

In India, they say, everyone's a Cricket pundit. 'Cricket Star' champions and exalts this spirit, giving it a vibrant platform to express itself.

Artist Spearhead (2D)

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Golang Developer


Co- founder, CEO @Deftouch