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In the coming age of fake videos, our mission is to re-establish trust in what you see. While technologies for synthesis are evolving rapidly, there is currently no solution for verifying when audiovisual content is genuine or has been maliciously altered or synthesised to convey a different meaning.
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Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer (Intern)

Deeptrace is building novel deep learning methods for detection and understanding of fake videos -- the antivirus for "deepfakes". We are looking for a world-class software engineer to power the infrastructure of our detection technology. The Requirements - Solid software design skills and...

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The number of deepfake videos online is spiking. Most are porn

  • CNN
  • 7 months ago

Deepfake videos are quickly becoming a problem, but there has been much debate about just how big the problem really is. One company is now trying to put a number on it. There are at least 14,678 deepfake videos — and counting — on the internet, according to a recent tally by a startup that builds technology to spot this kind of AI-manipulated content. And nearly all of them are porn.

The number of deepfake videos is 84% higher than it was last December when Amsterdam-based Deeptrace found 7,964 deepfake videos during its first online count. The company conducted this more recent count in June and July, and the number has certainly grown since then, too.

While much of the coverage about deepfakes has focused on its potential to be a tool for information warfare in politics, the Deeptrace findings show the more immediate issue is porn. In the report, released Monday, Deeptrace said 96% of the deepfakes spotted consisted of pornographic content, and all of that pornographic content featured women.

The number of deepfake videos online is spiking. Most are porn