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A DPIIT Recognized AI Tech Startup Company: A Next-Gen Integrated Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform

A DPIIT Recognized AI Tech Startup Company: A Next-Gen Integrated Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform

DeepBrainz, A DPIIT/DIPP Recognized AI Technology Startup Company with an International or Global Team.

A Next-Gen Integrated End-to-End Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform with AI-first SaaS and Edge IoT Platform for Autonomous Healthcare, Fully Connected & Level-5 Autonomous Driving Vehicles, Conversational AI for Everyone from Enterprises to End-users.

DeepBrainz offers Data & AI/ML Solutions, Services ranging from Healthcare's Medical Diagnosis & Treatment to Level-5 Autonomous Driving to Conversational AI along with various features for solving Uncertainty & Bias in AI, enhancing ML Model's Transparency, Generalizability, Security, and Privacy, for Enabling Human Lives Globally, Socially & Economically.

Industry markets we primarily choose to work with are the intersection of Hard Tech, Healthcare, Autonomous Driving (Fully Connected & Level-5 Autonomous Vehicles) (Automotive).

DeepBrainz AI is currently building various core AI products that are part of our portfolio has the following pillars,
DeepBrainz Health for Autonomous Healthcare & COVID-19
DeepBrainz Driving for Level-5 Autonomous Driving
DeepBrainz Assistant or DeepBrainz BOT for Conversational AI & COVID-19
DeepBrainz Universal AI for Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform
DBZ DigiStore aka DeepBrainz DigiStore for Digital Marketplace
DeepBrainz AI BRAIN for AI Research & Development
DeepBrainz AI for COVID-19 helps confront and combat COVID-19 Crisis

Why DeepBrainz AI? We quote, "A solution to one problem can deliver the solutions to the other Million problems."

Advancing, Building, Democratizing Tomorrow's State-of-the-art (SOTA) AI for ALL, Cutting-edge Technologies by Innovation, Research & Product /Technology Development, Breakthroughs via the strategies & policies with Mission, Vision, Core Values.

We're also a Google Cloud Technology (Build Global) Partner!

We are still working for an entirely new ecosystem and emerging business model.

- DeepBrainz Technologies Private Limited

Gabriella Marcelja

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CEO of @SIRIUS GLOBAL - Academic Diplomacy 4.0, co-founder of @DeepBrainz AI, lecturer @uni. Worked in diplomacy (EU Presidency & UN), BDO (digital & cyber).

Arunkumar Venkataramanan

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ML SW Engineer Data Scientist AI Researcher Entrepreneur Founder CEO CAIO @DeepBrainz AI A DPIIT Recognized AI Startup A Next-Gen Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform