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Supporting technical domain specialists to become founders

Supporting technical domain specialists to become founders

Deep Science Ventures was founded to create a better method for applied science, one that is business-minded and focused on opportunity discovery. Rather than build companies on the back of IP that is hot or on-trend, we start by identifying pivotal problems and crucial opportunities. Then, our global network of founder-type scientists build “holy grail” ventures that have the potential to redesign entire sectors. We are a team of uncompromising scientists at the intersection of scientific expertise and possibility. We are intrinsically driven to leave the world a better place than we found it. After spending 10 years in university tech transfer, venture studios, and corporate innovation arms, we’ve developed a better framework to scale the impact of science. To learn more or join us, please visit: deepscienceventures.com.

Associate Director for Energy

Associate Director for Computation

Co-founder, Regenerative Currency

Founder @Synbiosys; Part of Alpha cohort @Deep Science Ventures; PhD in Optics @Imperial College London ; Worked @Duvas Technologies @Deltadot @HydroVenturi
Founder Materialize.X • Worked at @Intel, @Philips
Cambridge PhD, researcher, founder in Materialize.X
Worked at Deep Science Ventures, Project Management Development.. Experience with Audit, Clinical Research, Dermatology. Went to Robert Gordon's University