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Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Self-Funding.

Go Developer - Blockchain

$20k – $100k • 0.0% – 10.0%
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Decred is looking for developers!

We are looking for people who:
- Want to get paid to work on awesome technology
- Like to set their own schedule and work from anywhere
- Don't want to deal with meetings or conference calls

Decred is an open source project. The project mission is to develop software for the public benefit, with a focus on blockchain technology.
More information: docs.decred.org

1. Expert level understanding of the Go standard library, tooling, glide dependency management, test coverage.
2. Ability to contribute independently via GitHub.
3. Minimum one year experience as Go developer.

It all depends on your interests and skills. You can work on new features, review and revise pull requests, write various forms of test coverage, improve documentation, or conduct code audits.

consensus daemon (dcrd)
wallet daemon (dcrwallet)
stake voting (dcrstakepool)

Visit github.com/decred for the code.

You don't actually need to apply here. Decred is an open source project - just read the documentation and start contributing: