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Creating a frictionless platform for product development - from conception to creation

Senior Product Manager

£30k – £45k • 0.0% – 2.0%
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Deazy exists to make development easy. We are a team of product managers and designers, working with development partners across Europe to build amazing digital products - websites, web apps, native and hybrid apps as well as custom software for startups and agencies. We are building a platform to make development really easy!

Product management at Deazy is about developing and delivering on the technology vision and roadmaps for both our clients and our own technology product.

The Deazy Product Manager:
-Leads the development of product strategy and vision supported by internal and external analysis
-Defines creative, high-quality and simple product roadmaps (Strategic and then translating into short-term)
-Leads and manages the product development process across multiple stakeholders (client, designers, developers / engineers and the Deazy team) – be the glue and enable fast decision-making, keeping track of deadlines and deliverables
-Manages the implementation of features by overseeing the progress of each Sprint (using Agile processes and tools e.g. daily stand-ups, JIRA / other tools and Slack / Skype for communication)

You’ll smash the role if you:
-Are comfortable spending time understanding the problem - taking a significant user need or pain-points and figuring what the solution might be
-Can work with engineers, designers and other key stakeholders on features, ideas, MVP’s and rapid ongoing iterations
-Understand the minimum viable product (MVP) - prioritising what is needed for launch to learn as quickly as possible
-Are an independent worker - someone who can work in a relatively unstructured environment across multiple projects at the same time

Your experience and ninja skills:
-Previous product management experience, including the delivery of entire features from start to finish (idea to implementation)
-You’ve worked with and/or managed both designers and developers to deliver features and products
-You know agile (SCRUM and/or Kanban)
-You know tech (you don’t have to be a developer!), i.e. you know that Javascript runs in the browser and that RESTful isn’t a state of zen
-You can quickly wrap your head around industry trends - technical and/or product
-You’re awesome at adapting your communication to match the target and their experience

Nice to have:
-Experience of traditional Waterfall working too so you can help clients who struggle with Agile
-Formal Product Management training qualification
-Formal Agile project management training qualification
-Experience working for a top management consulting or Technology company
-Experience working for a start-up company

Are you Deazy?...maybe don’t answer that but who are you?
-You love working with people - you have ‘woo’ and love winning people over, as well as working with teams across multiple projects
-A self-starter - proactive, self-motivated and able to work hard when the start-up dream involves a bit of grind and hustle
-Fun - you enjoy socialising with the team - eating, drinking and organising fun activities to help the team gel even when work is tough
-Cheeky - our brand, Deazy, has always been a bit cheeky and we love bridging the gap between corporate excellence and start-up informality through a bit of ‘tongue and cheek’
-Calm under pressure and comfortable reaching out for help when you need it
-Passionate about digital products and technology
-Have a growth mindset - you are committed to growing and improving