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Principal Software Engineer

$60k – $84k • 1.0% – 3.0%
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Here's to the crazy ones. The hackers. The doers. The passionate geeks in a world of corporate drones.

A cool, fully-remote startup is looking for a Principal Software Engineer… preferably one that does NOT suck! You must be a generalist who can do the work of both a backend developer, a software architect, and a DevOps Engineer.

First, let's get one thing out of the way. We know that our salaries are low, at least for the exceptional talent we're looking for. We plan to dramatically increase salaries by the end of the year when we raise a seed round. We have already attracted serious interest from top investors, but we're intentionally bootstrapping on our own till our public launch in time for Black Friday.

On top of the salary, you'll get generous stock options, performance-based bonuses, and annual profit share. We might even promote you to "Co-founder and CTO" if you show extraordinary performance during the first few months, in which case you'll get WAY more equity than the Principal Software Engineer position.

You must be a perfectionist — you're simply too passionate about your work to call something "done" when it's not near perfect yet!

Do you remember how "Monica" from F.R.I.E.N.D.S was obsessed with the little details? Now, imagine if she became a software engineer somehow… Do you think that describes you?

Okay, we want to hire you if you...
— have 7+ years of rock-solid experience building web applications
— have 2+ years of experience with data pipelines, workflows, ETL processes, and batch/real-time processing
— have managed a team before of 3+ engineers
— have expert-level proficiency with Python, Django/DRF, and ElasticSearch (If you have some experience with Python but not yet an expert, this job won't fit you)
— have 3+ years of hands-on DevOps experience and are proficient with one of these: CloudFormation, AWS CDK, or Terraform.
— know AWS like the back of your hand, seriously
— are proficient with UNIX and Shell Scripting
— are familiar with Serverless architecture and AWS Lambda
— have ninja-level skills with SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
— are an expert when it comes to agile methodologies, Git, and CI/CD

It would be "nice" if you...
— have experience with any of these technologies: Golang, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, Selenium, Elixir, Apache Kafka, or React Native
— have experience with Algorithm Design
— worked on recommender systems of any kind
— are not afraid of frontend work; React.js, Next.js, or JavaScript

On top of that, you...
— are passionate about making a huge impact in an early-stage startup with a kickass product, and have an attitude that shows it
— are productive, attentive, and self-driven
— know how to lead and motivate a team by setting an example
— take deadlines seriously
— can work in a fully remote environment

Your day at DealTracker:
You will be leading a small team of A-players and reporting directly to the CEO. You'll find a list of your responsibilities below.

You will:
— architect, build and scale new features as our lead engineer
— act as an architect and scrum master turning product specs into technical requirements and sprints, assigning them to team members, and keeping an eye up to production
— take the lead on our DevOps and infrastructure on AWS
— be our on-demand savior who can step forward and unblock technical roadblocks
— be responsible for overall code quality, reviews, and unit tests
— coach, mentor, and support our small team of resourceful engineers
— make sure we're meeting our product roadmap
— do technical interviews for new hires
— spend most of your day on coding, not management
— build and test data processing pipelines

Did we manage to convince you that this is a hard job?
If we haven't, let us try again.

Here are 3 more reasons why you shouldn't apply for this job unless you're EXCEPTIONALLY good:
1. We have incredibly high standards and expectations. You'll need to WOW us to get in, and work your best every day to meet our expectations.
2. If you don't meet all the requirements in this job post, we'll either "pass" on your application immediately or uncover the fact during interviews.
3. If by some miracle you managed to bluff it and we hired you, we'd end up firing you in a month or two.

If none of that scared you off, then we need to talk. Although we're trying to scare off 99% of potential applicants, for the remaining 1%, this here is a career-defining opportunity.

If you're really up for a challenge building a 10x product and leading a team of A-player hackers, now is the time to apply. You'll be joining us at the perfect time.

Need proof that we're building a kickass product? Check out our AngelList profile for a quick overview and some screenshots.

We'll hire the best engineer for the job regardless of your location. Timezones are not a problem as long as you're able to overlap with us for 5 hours a day.
Our process is super fast, and you'll know our final decision within 10 days max, so let's talk!

Annual profit share

We make money through affiliate commissions, and we save a share for you.

Performance-based bonuses

Doing really well this month? Here's a sweet bonus.

Serious stock options

Get equity based on your performance, not your resume. We deeply appreciate our early team.

Work from home, every day!

Embrace fully-remote work. Code in your pajamas. Be available for your family.

Flexible working hours

Find time for your errands. Set your own working hours as long as we overlap for 3 hours a day.

Zero commute time

The time you'll save on the daily commute could help you achieve work-life balance.

Unlimited budget to learn new stuff

All the books, courses, and workshops you want, for free!

Bi-annual retreats

Because there's more to life than building awesome products.

Free credit to buy deals with, every month

You'll get a monthly allowance to buy 3+ deals via DealTracker and share your feedback.

Work with a team of a-players

We know how good you are. That's why we hired a killer team so that you like working with us.

Make a serious impact

We're an early-stage startup with a 10x product and a small team. Make a career-defining impact!

Build a product your friends love to use

You won't be building a boring product used by crushed souls at some company.

DealTracker at a glance

Google meets Pinterest for online deals

DealTracker focuses on Social Media, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Coupons, and Social Commerce. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://dealtracker.com

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