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From our manifesto: - Build 10x products, because if you’re passionate, life is too short to do otherwise. - Be user-driven, because that's how you make it 10x. - Listen to the metrics, because just guessing is how you build useless toys. - Forget the competition, because you shouldn't copy someone you're trying to disrupt. - Do more with less, because big companies are too heavy to move fast. - Eat your own dog food, because that's how you know if it sucks. - Speak the truth, because otherwise we're screwed. - Make it factual and unbiased, because the world already has a million pushy deal sites. - Lose a commission today, because that's how you win the user forever. - Don't buy ads, because if it's not good enough to grow on its own, ads will just burn our runway. - Be dependable, because that's how we trust you with the more serious stuff. - Fix one root cause, because that's how you fix a dozen "symptoms" at once. - Hire the obsessed, because otherwise, they won’t care enough. - Be extremely selective about new hires. Fire good people to hire great ones. - Think big. Think long term. Think different. - Take initiatives as if you were the CEO. - 1% improvement every day accumulates to 3700% improvement at the end of the year.

Perks and benefits

Serious stock options

Get equity based on your performance, not your resume. We deeply appreciate our early team.

Performance-based bonuses

Doing really well this month? Here's a sweet bonus.

Annual profit share

We make money through affiliate commissions, and we save a share for you.

Work from home, every day!

Embrace fully-remote work. Code in your pajamas. Be available for your family.

Flexible working hours

Find time for your errands. Set your own working hours as long as we overlap for 3 hours a day.

Zero commute time

The time you'll save on the daily commute could help you achieve work-life balance.

Unlimited budget to learn new stuff

All the books, courses, and workshops you want, for free!

Bi-annual retreats

Because there's more to life than building awesome products.

Free credit to buy deals with, every month

You'll get a monthly allowance to buy 3+ deals via DealTracker and share your feedback.

Work with a team of a-players

We know how good you are. That's why we hired a killer team so that you like working with us.

Make a serious impact

We're an early-stage startup with a 10x product and a small team. Make a career-defining impact!

Build a product your friends love to use

You won't be building a boring product used by crushed souls at some company.