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Customised Superfoods

Customised Superfoods

Dayly is into preventive healthcare creating unique customised & targeted solutions for real problems through the power of carefully selected superfood. Given the current lifestyle of a modern metropolitan individual, they are most likely to face to common non-medical problems like skin trouble, sleep deprivation, gut problems, etc which are mostly accountable to the food habits that any individual acquire in the 20s. By the time, these individual reach their 30s, these problems become chronic and lead to several medical issues like insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, chronic gut diseases etc. With our products like ‘Sleep Food’, ‘Skin Food’, ‘Brain Food’, etc, we've developed unique formulations to minimize the effect of such incomplete diet. These products are generally food items which people don't use frequently or aren't easily available. These are non-pharmaceutical products, in the form of powders or capsules. We've also developed an objective algorithm to determine who needs such products and measure the effects of such products on an individual.

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