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hire people. not paper

hire people. not paper

Avoid unsuccessful hires by ensuring the right EQ (emotional intelligence) match between your candidates and team - before you make the hire. People are complex and multi-faceted. With day100, we recognize those differences and help you align people together for success. day100 provides you three critical benefits: -- A deep understanding of the human qualities that will uniquely lead someone to have the highest chance of success in working in a specific job with a specific hiring manager -- A thorough understanding of the human qualities & EQ (emotional intelligence) strengths of every candidate that you choose to assess -- In-depth analytics identifying potential gap-areas and human qualities strengths & weaknesses day100 is a recruiting technology startup founded in 2015.

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Ilya Usorov

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Co-Founder of @day100. @NYU Stern School of Business 2013. Ex-Mgmt Consultant. Musician. Runner.