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The Dark Data Company

The Dark Data Company

Dark Data usually remain dark because they are very hard to retrieve.
Both Enterprise Systems and the machines contain huge amounts of Dark Data. Temporary data exchange in a datacenter (flight availability transactions across multiple selling channels like web services, mobile, and call center) and closed/proprietary machine data (toxicology analytical results, or WiFi infrastructure, or Point of Sale systems) are huge dark data sources. However, those sources are not easy accessible for analytics while remain critical part of the business. Enterprise systems do NOT record ALL transactions, specially inquiries (“read only” traffic), and machines are designed to be closed/proprietary for vendor lock-in.

Finding Lost Revenue and Operational Efficiencies.
Our Datumize Data Collector (DDC) software captures proprietary and temporary data sources, processes to make usable, and integrates into existing analytical platforms, so that Enterprise Customers can make better decisions.

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M.Sc. in Computer Science. 15+ years in IT sector, working at different tech & management roles. Curiosity and simplicity. I founded Datumize.