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The new data economy: a spot market for structured data

The new data economy: a spot market for structured data

The Datum network is a decentralized and distributed high performance NoSQL database backed by a blockchain ledger. This technology allows anyone to securely and anonymously backup structured data from social networks, wearables, smart homes, and other IoT devices.

Datum also provides a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms.

Example: Uber was secretly pilfering Lyft receipts from people's Gmail Inbox through a startup that created a free Gmail organizer plugin (which was secretly sharing data with Uber). Datum turns this around, we empower the people themselves to choose what data they are willing to share and under what terms. Uber wants to pay me a buck for each Lyft receipt? Why Not? As long as you cut me in!

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Gebhard scherrer

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GELID Solutions Co-Founder, Arctic Cooling,DATUM

Vc Tran

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Co-founder & Managing Director at GELID Solutions

Roger Haenni

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Founder @DatumNetwork • Creator of Clever Baby App • Big Data Nerd & Tech Wizard • 17+ years in App and Solution Architecture at Tier-1 Telco's worldwide