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Co-Founder @share.md @catalyze. Strong business background - sales, prod mgmt, data analytics, healthcare #YCS12 #data.analytics #health #integration #sales
Founder @catalyze + @share.md; MD, MBA, MS. Editor HISTalkConnect. Tech + med + mobile.


Anthony Pleshek

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Lori Anna Meals

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Lori Meals uses her past diverse work with EHR vendor Epic to fulfill the role of understanding, analyzing and then communicating various rules and regulations.

Kevin Kachin

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I am a business development and human performance training specialist with a background in sales & marketing, consulting / coaching, and public speaking.
Effective team leader focused on inspiring and improving the productivity of individuals and teams

Lori Meals

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Director of Compliance at Datica

Marcia Noyes

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Worked at Datica, Director of Communications. Experience with Account Manager, Adobe, Adobe InDesign. Went to Lamar University
Director of Finance @Datica ; CPA with experience in Finance & Accounting helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.
Linux Systems Administrator (DevOps) at Space Science & Engineering Center. UW Madison CS.
20+ yr tech background specializing in software and health tech operations finance; PE background.

Maggie Ostrowski

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Worked at @Datica, @Epic

Patrick Cunningham

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Business & creative development, believes in universally innate capacity for powerful change. Growth @Datica + Co-Founder @MogaMind

Allan White

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Product designer for @catalyzeio. Maker, speaker, & teacher: photo, video, web, design. Fueled by new experiences, martial arts, church & family.

Alex Foran

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Jack of all trades, master of none. A day where I learn something new is a good day.

Kris Gösser

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Chief Data Officer @Datica • Worked at @Epic Systems, @Medseek • Former @Rock Health startup founder. Studied at @Dickinson College

Former team

Chris Barnas, CPA

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Jenn Kavanaugh

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Rochelle Moaddel

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T. Quigley Malcolm

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David Hacker

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Brian Lewis

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