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Serverless Backend Engineer

€40k – €60k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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Products are cool and all, but we see us first and foremost as a tech company. Join us if you want to create fantastic infrastructure, if you see the beauty in maintainable and well-architectured code. You want to take the time to deeply understand the technologies you use and don't get how companies can deploy without CI/CD pipelines.

You will become part of a highly motivated and friendly team. We are quite sarcastic at times but look out for each other.

* You were already a developer when Germany became world champion in soccer (4+ years)
* You have high standards and also request this from your co-workers
* Interest or experience with a "serverless" infrastructure
* Extensive experience with Javascript ( nodejs, preferably with types )
* Experience with the AWS platform, CloudFormation is your friend
* Strong motivation to create loved products with an eye for detail
* Some experience with React.js or some other frontend framework
* Experience or interest in GraphQL
* Fluent in English

Nice to have:
* Entrepreneurial
* Experience in native mobile development
* Experience in a strongly typed language
* You like sarcasm, like, a lot! Because we have _ze best_ sarcasm!

Get free coffee and a pen with philipp@dathuis.nl ( No recruiters )

What we do at the moment:

Selling your house and moving should be easy, almost frictionless. Why is this such a hard and frustrating experience for so many people?

We are building SaaS solutions for brokers as well as consumer-facing products to increase transparency and efficiency in the market. We are an investor-backed startup of four, looking for another experienced engineer with a strong interest in building fantastic products. As a developer, you are focused on writing admirable code and care about both stable and new technology. We don’t believe in hierarchy or prioritise anyone's ideas. You will be an integral part in moving the company forward with a big impact on our technology stack.

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Founder @DatHuis • Seems to be tech savvy • Drinks coffee • Loves serverless
Founder @DatHuis • Worked at @ING Bank, @SNS Bank

Rob van Kruijsdijk

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Backend Engineer - Serverless

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