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The data operations platform for data-driven businesses



CEO of Datalogue ● CornellTech ● Into distributed computing, actor systems, functional programming and making it easy to find data for data scientists


Elizabeth Weber

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Operations @Datalogue | Tech LL.M. V1 @Cornell Tech | Art lawyer turned techie

Martin Levasseur

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Sr. DevOps Engineer at Datalogue

Pablo Watfi

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Mathematician with an Specialization in Data Mining and MEng in Operations Research (Cornell). Experience in handling data and analysis, also management.

Loubna Akermouch

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Technical Chief of Staff & Full stack developer (reactJs/redux, typescript, nodejs, scala...)
DevOps integrator/engineer

Nicolas Joseph

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Engineering and Security at Datalogue and Founded Gitlinks (sold to Infor)

Johanan Ottensooser

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Customer Success and Strategy @Datalogue. Tech LLM V1 @Cornell Tech. Fintech Consultant at King & Wood Mallesons.

Former team

Noah Shpak

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Alex Ketch

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Darrell Aucoin

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Zafarali Ahmed

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Francesco Perera Kuranapatabendige

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