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Software Engineer Intern - Interactive Data Preparation

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Dataiku’s mission is big: to enable all people throughout companies around the world to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, modeling, deployment, and more. But it’s not just about technology and processes; at Dataiku, we also believe that people (including our people!) are a critical piece of the equation.

Today Dataiku Data Science Studio allows users to analyze & transform large data sets using a visual preparation tool. Users can operate on a column and apply a large set of rules (extract dates, fill empty cells with value, round numbers, find & replace, tokenize text, parse URLs, …) 

We are looking for a software engineer intern for a 4 to 6 months internship in our Paris office. The objective of the internship is to improve this preparation tool to generate new rules based on user interaction.

For example, if users interactively select the following text.

The improved preparation tool would then propose to users possible actions. For example deleting/keeping all rows similar to the selected ones, ... or extracting from all rows the words matching the selection into a new column as shown here.

Note that the tool would be smart enough to figure out that Poland is not a City, while Smiljan is.
Of course, this is just an example. What could be achieved during the internship will only be limited by your imagination!

During this internship, you will:
* Get familiar with Java, Javascript and Angular if you don't know them yet.
* Study research papers on how to generate regular expressions and other ways to match and extract data from text. Here are some references:
Interactive Visual Specification of Data Transformation Scripts (vis.stanford.edu/files/2011-Wrangler-CHI.pdf)
HoloClean: Holistic Data Repairs with Probabilistic Inference (vldb.org/pvldb/vol10/p1190-rekatsinas.pdf)
Auto-Data Cleaning (Columbia Research Group (cudbg.github.io/lab/cleaning)
* Implement a working prototype for a subset of the problem, including user interaction
* Celebrate and party because now Data Analysts can now prepare data much faster!

You are the ideal recruit if you:
* Are autonomous, to drive your subject.
* Have no fear to dive deep into source code.
* Are eager to learn new things.
* Have a good knowledge of a programming language (Python, Java, C#, Javascript, R, Ruby, <insert your favorite language here>).
* Have a basic knowledge of Web development


As an intern, you'll join the Engineering team of a startup, composed of 40+ engineers passionate about software development and developing an amazing product. Yes, we love our product. No, we are not biased ;-).

We have great office space in Paris (Gare de Lyon) with free breakfast, coffee, video games, yoga and much more.

The monthly remuneration will be:
- 1000 euros for students in 4th year of university / engineering school.
- 1400 euros for students in 5th years of university / engineering school.

Remuneration additionally includes 50% reimbursement of public transit pass.

To fulfill its mission, Dataiku is growing fast (having just closed a $101 million Series C round in December 2018 and looking to double in 2019), but still maintains a startup spirit. Dataiku serves its global customer base from its headquarters in New York City as well as offices in Paris, London, Munich, Singapore, and Sydney. Each of our offices has a unique culture, but underpinning local nuances, we always value curiosity, collaboration, and can-do attitudes.



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