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Dataiku’s mission is big: to enable all people throughout companies around the world to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, modeling, deployment, and more. But it’s not just about technology and processes; at Dataiku, we also believe that people (including our people!) are a critical piece of the equation.

We're looking for a Senior Research Scientist to join our AI Lab team.

At the Dataiku AI Lab, we develop innovative AI products, at the edge of academic and scientific advances to address our client’s biggest challenges. Artificial Intelligence is not only about face-generating GANs and solving video games, it can also have a real impact in enterprise.
Our goal is to define, develop and launch those AI products while contributing to the machine learning community and collaborating with research labs. This requires strong understanding of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques as well as statistics, experiment design and software engineering.

* Lead the research effort to help develop Dataiku’s new machine learning products.
* Contribute to the applied research machine learning community.
* Participate in designing and prototyping of AI products.
* Develop, code and test machine learning pipelines on real life problems.
* Manage scientific programs, workshops and activities at Dataiku AI Lab.

* MSc/PhD degree in Statistics, Operations Research, related field or equivalent practical experience.
* 3 years + relevant work experience to the position.
* Strong coding skills in Python and good knowledge of a Deep Learning framework (keras, tensorflow, pytorch).
* Bonus points for publication in research journals.

To fulfill its mission, Dataiku is growing fast (having just closed a $101 million Series C round in December 2018 and looking to double in 2019), but still maintains a startup spirit. Dataiku serves its global customer base from its headquarters in New York City as well as offices in Paris, London, Munich, Singapore, and Sydney. Each of our offices has a unique culture, but underpinning local nuances, we always value curiosity, collaboration, and can-do attitudes.



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