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Uber for data

Datahoard is revolutionizing the way in which people control, sell, take part in how their data is being used. What we have achieved is really exciting so far and as we grow and develop in vertical models that have never been defined before we are entering uncharted territory within the data realm. We are on a mission to disrupt how data is collected, bought and sold. Datahoard is a suite of products that let the user track his social media, Fitbit data, credit reference data and more to give you your Datahoard footprint. Datahoard scopes the internet to see where your data is being used currently. Control and take part in data trials with approved and vetted companies. Datahoard puts you in charge of how is data is used and sold, we also give you the opportunity to work with companies to make money with your data.

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Jamal Khan

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Founder & CEO @ Datahoard