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Premium Data Sets to Power Your Business

Premium Data Sets to Power Your Business

There are billions of web sites on the Internet.  Those web sites contain trillions of points of information.  All of that information is potential data.  Data on businesses, products, homes, people, and much more.  All of that data can be used for a wide variety of business applications like lead generation, pricing intelligence, competitive analysis, and much more.

The problem is that web data is very hard to access for businesses.  Businesses must go through a complicated and expensive process of acquiring, cleaning, bundling, and distributing web data before they can consume it.  Datafiniti simplifies all of these steps into a single step of accessing our API.

Datafiniti's promise is to take the entire Internet, and using our proprietary technology, transform it into a single database that all businesses can use to access the web data they need.

In other words, Datafiniti is open access to web data.

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