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The world's data marketplace

The world's data marketplace

datacy allows people to sell their data easily and transparently. We also give businesses fast, easy and transparent access to high quality and bespoke consumer datasets - made up of data pooled and aggregated on-demand from thousands of people globally.

Our products are two-fold:

(1) For sellers, we provide a Chrome extension and a real-time web app (including an API platform) that are fully integrated and function seamlessly as one product - all data is automatically classified, anonymized, encrypted and listed for sale as it's collected, earning users a passive income from every sale.

(2) For buyers, we provide a web infrastructure where they can easily and instantly create (and buy) their own datasets. There are no predefined datasets on datacy. Buyers can pool and aggregate data from different sellers simply by selecting various filters, creating 100% custom and structured datasets on demand.

Product Demo: youtube.com/watch?v=Bk1ZQIjyVrY

Our current plan is to implement a commission-based approach, where we'll charge a 12% commission to data buyers for the core service of processing, aggregating and providing regulatorily compliant and analytics-ready datasets. We'll also charge sellers a 3% commission on every successful transaction.

We’re currently focusing solely on marketing and profiling related consumer data, which can include anything from browsing history to consumer shopping habits. As we grow, we hope to become the go-to place for buying, selling and getting insights on all consumer data.

PROGRESS: We are at a very early stage. We started in November 2018 and since then, we’ve bootstrapped to a fully functional platform. We’re currently in private beta and have already signed up 7k+ of data sellers and 40+ data buyers, with $0 acquisition cost and solely through word of mouth. We are seeing a 5-6% growth in waitlist sign-ups every week.

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MS (Computer Engineering) from NCSU

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Co-founder at datacy, Entrepreneur

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I build and deploy products by motivating teams to solve technical challenges.