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Big Data for E-commerce

Big Data for E-commerce

A product data auditing and correction service: datarecordscience.com.There are reports on data quality, even for sites with massive numbers of records (e.g. newegg.com - 50+ million records). The reports include statistics for the entire site. Each individual record is displayed, along with meta information about the records field values, such as errors, number of other fields in other records which have suggestions for fixes, and error labels. We have built in a customer management system which qualifies customers based on the quality of the data in our reporting system. The CMS tracks communication with customers (i.e. emails that the system sends and phone calls made to the customers). Emails are generated automatically using the data in the reporting system.

The system's features include:
-​Checks for data correct​ness
-Check for complete data
-Offers suggestions for bad and missing data

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CEO of Data Record Science. @University of California Berkeley. Worked at @Intel, @Sun, @Nvidia.