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Reach out to us to apply or learn more at jobs@datamechanics.co

We're building a managed data platform that makes working with bih data super easy. Concretely we automate the deployment, monitoring and maintenance of Spark applications on Kubernetes, so our customers focus on their data science and business logic while we handle the mechanical work.

We're ex-Databricks and BlaBlaCar engineers, we just did YCombinator, just raised a nice seed round and are based in Paris (Agoranov). We're building a team of engineers passionate about technical challenges and that share our ambition of building the best big data platform on earth :)

Spark is the swiss-army knife of big data, it serves use cases ranging from data exploration and analytics to machine learning model training and ETLs. By combining Spark with Kubernetes, we can abstract infrastructure from the user and bring the best of modern software development to the data stack! See our latest tech talk at Spark Summit: databricks.com/session_eu19/how-to-automate-performance-tuning-for-apache-spark