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The school of Future (virtual classroom, LMS, content module)

The school of Future (virtual classroom, LMS, content module)

A platform, which has three modules and is not just a simple online tutoring platform but the School of Future:
1. It has a virtual classroom built on WebRTC
2. an LMS which allows the teacher give homework, tests, virtual cabinets, messaging system, payment systems, etc
3. A module for content where every teacher can create his own content (video lessons) and sell it/share it with his students. Clients are:
1. Students
3.Corporations for corporate training and collaboration
4.Companies and institutions which can license or buy the infrastructure we have (the platform)
The platform is written on WebRTC which is the future
The money will come from:
1. commission from the online lessons the teachers conduct
2. Annual fee per account from the the corprorations
3. Licenses fees from user or from selling the infrastructure to educational institutions.
4. Commission from the content which the teachers create and sell

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