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We at Darwin Labs believe in the #NoAssumptions approach.What we have learned during our journey of building businesses is that profit lies in the details. Business models cannot be written on extrapolation of data and assumptions. Early validation of the Unit Economics is fundamentally indispensable in building a business and this is what #NoAssumptions approach is all about.

Our idea of building a business is slightly different from the popular venture capital approach. We don’t create businesses with the assumption that people might need a product/service. We believe there are plenty of large existing demand-supply gaps which can be profitably plugged before chasing ideas where both demand and the product needs to be created. We are fairly unconvinced of the idea of relying on multiple rounds of funding and chasing superficial metrics. We believe that profit should be the only drug true risk takers should intoxicate their bodies with and that’s our idea at Darwin Labs.

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