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Language and Editor aimed at simplifying backend software.

Frontend Engineer

$120k – $150k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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At Dark, we're making it radically easier to build backends. As a frontend engineer, we think you’ll care because a big piece is making it possible for you to easily add a backend and infrastructure to an SPA or mobile app.

We're doing so by creating a holistic development experience: language, editor, and infrastructure.

As a frontend engineer on our team:
-You'll work side by side with the rest of the team. You'll work most closely with Sydney, our first frontend engineer, and Alice our designer (Alice was an engineer for seven years before this, too!)
-You get to be an expert for the Dark editor. It’s not just text: it’s a combination of text, UI elements, and tooling.
-You won’t be stuck only working on the frontend. Both the Dark frontend and backend are written in OCaml! You’ll be able to branch out into the other difficult and challenging technical problems facing Dark, like our language and infrastructure compiler.
-We use Dark to build projects and internal tools, so there will be chances to put together front ends in React, Vue, Flutter, or anything else you’ve been wanting to try.

We hope you:
-Have built a wide array of products.
-Have opinions about frontend architecture. We're excited to hear about tradeoffs between various solutions and how to optimize performance.
-Are comfortable iterating rapidly. We're a super-early stage startup – we need to iterate quickly to validate concepts. You need to be comfortable building quickly and responding to review feedback.

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