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Video commerce platform where users watch & shop the products & brands they love



Nicole Farb

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Founder and CEO Darby Smart

Karl Mendes

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Co-founder and CTO at Darby Smart


Versatile full-stack software engineer interested in domains of low-level, web development, UI/UX and gaming. Appreciates a dynamic and open-minded environment.

Colin Rhodes

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Senior Software Engineer, DevOps Dabbler, Sucker for Startups, Expert at Getting Stuff Done

Nicole Kwasnowski

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Highly skilled in CRM, brand partnership management, time management, and organization. Self starter with a demonstrated history of working in e-comm + startups

wei kuan lum

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Rico Hampton

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I own all things under the admin, people, and operations umbrella!

Eline van der Gaast

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Passionate and Entrepreneurial Full Stack Software Engineer. Formerly Data Analytics and Consumer Insights Expert. MS in Econometrics.

Board members and advisors

Chief Product Officer @Eventbrite. Former EIR @Greylock Partners Former Growth Lead @Pinterest First marketing hire @GrubHub Chicago Booth PT MBA 2013.
Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and @Justin.tv. Partner at Y Combinator.

Former team

Chris Norris

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Desmond Weindorf

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