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Dapps Inc. is a San Francisco-based EBC (Enterprise Blockchain Computing Co.) enabling global organziations from US and European SMBs to Fortune500 to Universities(and the US and Indian Governments, 2019) - with enterprise-grade blockchain and distributed ledger technology solutions. Customers leverage the company's innovate products and services, multi-sector global experience and deep technology expertise to achieve top-line growth, reduce operating expenses, and integrate with key stakeholders such as suppliers, vendors and partners.
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Software Engineer

Blockchain Systems Architect

The Blockchain Systems Architect is responsible for the automation of deploying blockchain nodes for the Dapps platform. This includes writing CloudFormation templates that automate resources on AWS, deploying VMs and Microservices, and managing desired state of the Blockchain systems. Systems...

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Posted 8 months ago

This position is for a Senior Software Engineer and expert in the Rust programming language. This position is for a software developer with years of experience working on distributed systems and designing safe, scalable and production ready systems in Rust. Experience working in the Blockchain...