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eHarmony meets Monster

eHarmony meets Monster

We're taking lessons learned from online dating and applying it to the job search process. Current culture fit solutions and tools are downstream from the interview process - beginning at the interview process and beyond - DapperJobs is the first to take all of this to the job seeking process. Bad cultural fit is costs employers on average $20,000 due to recruiting cost and employee retraining. We're currently starting with companies that already have a strong affinity for culture fit. Right now, we're going direct to companies that are culture leaders and we're happy to announce that Zappos is currently on our page. Discovery platform allowing job seekers to find jobs they'll love. Candidate identification platform allowing employers to pre-screen candidates who are not cultural fits. Employers need us to minimize time wasted interviewing candidates who are clearly not cultural fits or, worse, accidentally hiring a candidates who's not a fit.

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