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Blockchain dApp & Smart Contract Auditing and Consulting

Blockchain Freelancers: dApp & Smart Contract Developers & Auditors wanted

$1k – $80k • No equity
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I'm building a small blockchain consultancy/business.
Remote only.

My business will provide blockchain dApp development & smart contract auditing(bug hunting) services to clients.
Clients will be blockchain startups.

Three main services that I will offer clients(remote only):
- smart contract auditing / bug hunting
- dApp development/fix/improvement
- other blockchain related backend services

1) ETHEREUM: I want mostly freelancers with good skills in ETHEREUM blockchain, smart contracts, dApps, auditing/bug hunting, Solidity, Mocha, etc.
Development environment either on Linux or Windows, or both.
If I need to set up AWS EC2 instance for you to do the work, then I can do that.

2) Other blockchain platforms skills also welcome, and especially blockchain video game development skills. (NOT casino games).

If a client wants me to audit their smart contracts, then you need to be able to do a great job for me. You need to be able to find ALL the serious bugs.

I have some Solidity skills myself, so I can check your development work quality if I need to.

Remote work only. No company office. We can have a virtual office on SLACK application. I will set this up, and then we can collaborate there about the work/projects.
Maybe you will have team members to work together. This could happen.

Ok, your payment:
I cannot pay you any money upfront. The client must pay me first, then I can pay you. I will try to get the client(s) to pay me % upfront before we start the work, then I can pay you initial amount to start. Maybe 25%.
And then I can pay either another 25% when specific milestone reached, OR I can pay you 75% at completion of project.
It also depends on how long it takes. Many months, then we need to split the total project salary over the number of months.
I will still calculate this, and then I will discuss with you.
But, you will be freelancer/contractor status, not employee. You must manage your own taxes, etc etc etc.
It will be GOOD if you can accept payment in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum or ?
How much can you expect per month, in US dollars?
Not sure exactly how much, it depends on project size, and payment amount agreed with client for project.
But, I will pay you 50% of what client pays me! Great deal.

Also, I do not have any clients YET.
If you are happy to wait(for work) then great.
If you want full time position, this is not it. Not yet.
So, let me know if you are interested to wait until I have client(s) and then you can join my team as contractor. Is this OK for you?

You are also welcome to help me get blockchain clients. I will pay you good commission for this.

dApp Auditing & Consulting

dApp Auditing & Consulting at a glance

Blockchain dApp & Smart Contract Auditing and Consulting

dApp Auditing & Consulting focuses on Cryptocurrency, Blockchains, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Remote. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://dappconsulting.wordpress.com/

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